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Professional Summary

I am a progressive developer interested in functional programming, algorithms design and analysis and computer science in general. I have knowledge of different programming paradigms, practical functional programming experience in Haskell. I have developed infrastructure for domain specific languages in Haskell, enterprise applications using J2EE architecture, various transformation systems and rich internet applications based on Flex technology. Eager to learn about new technologies and approaches, productive in research tasks requiring an intellectual effort.

Personal Information

Date of birth: April 23th, 1984

Marital status: married, no children

Languages: Russian — native, Ukrainian — fluent, English — advanced (IELTS certificate: 8.0 / 9).

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

Haskell, Java, JavaScript

Development Tools
  • Haskell: GHC, Parsec, QuickCheck

  • UNIX tools and editors: shell scripting, standard POSIX tools, Emacs

  • Java: Eclipse, Sun JDK, Ant, JUnit

  • Parsing tools: ANTLR, JavaCC, Parsec

  • Version control: Git, Perforce

Software Technologies
  • J2EE: JSP, Servlets, EJB, Struts

  • Parsing: ANTLR, Combinator-based parsing (Parsec, UU parsing lib)

  • Data access: SQL

  • XML: XPath, XML Schema, XSLT

  • GUI: Adobe Flex

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, MacOS X

  • Object oriented programming

  • Theoretical aspects of functional programming

  • Algorithms analysis/design

  • Basics of finance, derivatives

Work Experience

August 2011 - Present

Haskell Developer — Barclays Capital/EPAM Systems, Kyiv, Ukraine

FPF Project

Developing functional domain specific language and a set of supporting tools for describing exotic options.

July 2008 - August 2011

Senior Software Developer — EPAM Systems, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Business continuity planning tool

A tool for business risc controlling and management. The server side is implemented using Java Enterprise technologies: EJB3, JPA/Hibernate, WebServices. The client side is based on Flex framework which communicates with the server side using BlazeDS.


  • Coordination of work of a small team, responsible for the implementation of particular requirements

  • Coding business logic in EJB

  • Implementation of the authentication system

February 2007 - July 2008

Software Developer, Compiler Specialist — SharpStyle Labs, New York, USA. Remote job.

MS Visual Studio Plug-in for ActionScript development

Visual Studio 2005 plug-in providing IntelliSense™, code highlighting and completion, integration with Team Foundation System for ActionScript developers.


  • Development of flexible code completion system in C#

  • Creation of ActionScript 3.0 ANTLR grammar

  • Lexical and syntactic analysis of ActionScript code based on ANTLR

Content review RIA

Flex-based rich internet application ( for gathering feedback, reviewing and annotating different types of content (images, video, documents) which is used in marketing research activities. Reporting subsystem provides visual reports representing gathered data. Server side is implemented using .NET technology and MSSQL database, data is accessed through web services from Flex clients.


  • Client side architecture design and its implementation using Flex technology and ActionScript 3.0 language

  • Reporting system modification and support

  • Implementation of simple graphics editor for drawing comments

April 2006 - February 2007

Software Developer — Yariserv, partner of Xitec Software (London, UK), Kiev, Ukraine

Cobol to J2EE/.NET transformation system

System’s main purpose is to translate code of old IBM mainframes Cobol-based frameworks (IDMS, etc.) to J2EE and .NET code based on Java and C# languages. Translation is done using XML techniques — XSLT, XPath. XML is used as language for the intermediate representation of code between Cobol and Java. Representation layer and DB records and structure are converted as well.


  • Developing a set of rules for the translation

  • Support of Eclipse plug-in which provides a framework for running transformations

  • Implementation of WinForms application for easy running "Cobol → .NET" transformation

February 2005 – April 2006

Software Developer, Top Spin, regional department of CyberVision Inc., Kiev, Ukraine

Communications Convergence Engine (CCE)

A software platform that enables wireline and wireless operators to rapidly deploy new services, build subscriber loyalty, improve efficiencies and reach new markets. Consist of two products — ContentManager and ServiceBroker that seamlessly operate over the network. System’s back-end is based on EJB technology (Session Beans, both stateless and stateful). Web part of CCE project is based on CCE’s own web-framework and Servlets technology. Project communicate with several external systems using adapters using Message Driven Bean technology, JAXP, JAXB, CORBA. Oracle 9 Database.


  • Design and implementation of new GUI (WebUI) features based on existing framework

  • Modification of existing framework to implement functionality according to customer’s requirements

  • Development of utility tools and scripts for build, deploy, run and code delivery automation

Document flow automation system

Software platform that intended for document flow automation tasks of a company during projects' creation and management. Platform is J2EE-based and uses JSP, BEA PageFlow controllers, BEA DB controllers and WebLogic application server.


  • Investigation and modification of project’s web interface

  • Working with reports subsystem (report generation from XML into different formats — HTML, Excel (with charts and extensive formatting) and PDF by using XSL-FO)

September 2004 – February 2005

Web Developer, Mnemosoft Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Content Management System

The system for web content management. It used PHP as core language and MySQL as database.


  • Design database structure (MySQL)

  • Business logic implementation

  • User interface creation

Open source projects participation

xmonad is a dynamically tiling X11 window manager that is written and configured in Haskell.

Role: Contributor. Implemented several extensions for layout transformations, window management, etc.

Language: Haskell.

xmobar - a minimalistic text based status bar

Role: Contributor. Implemented modules for reading and displaying mailbox status.

Language: Haskell.

A tool for selecting wifi networks in console (for ArchLinux).

Role: Author. Created a package for ArchLinux. The package has been included in official ArchLinux repositories.

Language: Shell script.

Instant messaging history analyzer.

Role: Author.

Language: Haskell.

SICP wiki (

Educational/social project. A wiki dedicated to the book "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs", contains programming exercises and solutions filled by users. Currently the wiki has near 2000 visits per month.

Role: Author. Created the wiki, organized the community around it.


National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (2001 — 2007)
  • Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics

  • Specialist Degree in Applied Mathematics


GlobalLogic G-club (January — August, 2009)
  • Algorithm design and implementation lectures course, based on corresponding MIT course 6.046. CLRS (Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein. "Introduction to algorithms") is used as a textbook. 10-15 students. 23 lectures.


St. Petersburg Haskell User Group, November 2007

Pickler combinators in Haskell (about combinatoric approach to data serialization).