Ivan Veselov

a software developer, chess player, geek and traveller


Well, the things which make me enthusiastic tend to be changing over the time, so here will be present only the current snapshot of interests in addition to a couple of eternal topics which make me feel a bit geeky through all of my life.


Especially recreational one. Enjoyed Martin Gardner books, Conway’s Game of Life (modelling it on old postal box turned into a board) and similar stuff.

Functional programming

For some reason I feel mesmerized by all these lambda concepts, closures, monads. Maybe because it’s simply beautiful?


The eternal game, very deep and addictive, you can spend a whole life trying to master it and still fail

Linux (and any *nix in general)

Feeling free even in OS sense is just great!

Classic movies

I enjoy watching gems of great directors: Krzysztof Kieślowski, Reiner Werner Fassbinder, Luis Buñuel, Alphred Hichkok, Miloš Forman.